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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Lamassu formed in 2018 from a mutual admiration and respect for the members' other musical projects, notably Motherslug, Olmeg, Field and Borrachero.


Lamassu traverses genres, taking influence from hard rock, doom, grunge, metal and prog, to deliver a heavy, dark and melodic collection of impressive tracks and a formidable live show.

Lamassu has been announced as a contributing artist on Magnetic Eye Records, ‘Best of Soundgarden Redux’ album. Stay tuned for the launch!

The long awaited second album ‘Made of Dust’ was released 21 June 2023.  The album is sonically vast; from deep, heavy riffs, to moments of quiet introspection and soaring vocal harmonies, all complemented by the brooding lyricism of lead vocalist Chris Fisher.
The album was voted 9th from 272 submitted, in the June 2023 Doom Charts.

The first single ‘Washed Away’, showcasing Lamassu in their full energetic glory, was released 17 May 2023 on all major streaming platforms, accompanied by a music video filmed by Luke Ray, who also directed the video for their standalone single ‘Know Your Gods’, released October 2022.

The second single ‘Battle Cry’ launched 7 June on all major streaming platforms, accompanied by a music video created and directed by Chris Fisher, the singer/guitarist for Lamassu.

Lamassu released their acclaimed debut 'Into the Emptyin September 2019, earning a place in the October 'Doom Charts' and making the 'Doom Charts Top 200 albums' list of the same year.


In October 2019, Lamassu embarked on their first interstate tour, performing in Adelaide, Hobart, Sydney, regional Victoria, as well as a number of dates in their hometown, Melbourne.



Chris Fisher - lead vocals / guitar

Matt Dawkins - lead guitar / back up vocals

Nick Rad - drums 

Al Cooke - bass

Lamassu in the studio, photo copyright Rebecca Cooper
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